Trump privately signs anti-Planned Parenthood law

Republican lawmakers are dead set on restricting and ultimately abolishing access to safe and legal abortion in the United States, and they just made progress toward that goal.

The Obama-era rule barred states from blocking federal funding for family-planning services including birth control, fertility, pregnancy care and cancer screenings from health centers that also perform abortions.

Planned Parenthood League of MA described President Donald Trump's decision to withhold federal funding from organizations that perform abortions as the "worst political attack" on women's health in a generation.

President Trump signed another piece of pro-life legislation Thursday.

"This is a major pro-life victory", said the House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. The first daughter met with president of Planned Parenthood shortly after her father was inaugurated in an attempt to better understand the group that is regularly targeted by Republicans.

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President Trump closed the doors to the press when he signed legislation on Thursday that allows states to "withhold federal family planning dollars from clinics that provide abortion services", reports The Washington Post. The measure passed the House easily and then passed the Senate, with Vice President Mike Pence as the tie-breaking vote. Title X has existed since 1970 and it allocates money to family planning services for low income women - including those provided by Planned Parenthood.

Using the Congressional Review Act, which allows lawmakers to repeal recently minted regulations, senators killed a rule meant to keep federal grants flowing to clinics that provide contraception and other services in states that want to block the funding.

Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily's List, which supports Democratic female candidate for public office who support abortion, said the bill is another example of politicians chipping away at women's rights and making it harder for the less fortunate to get health care. Basically, low-income women in red states are about to lose access to one more health provider.

Without any cameras present, Donald Trump just signed a bill that allows states to withhold federal funds from organizations that provide abortions. Under Title X the federal government can give money to states for allocation, as they see fit, to health care providers who engage in family planning.

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