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Removal of United Passenger Shines Light on Airport Police

Dao's daughter Crystal Dao Pepper also spoke during the press conference. Dao, sacado a rastras de un vuelo de United, perdió dos dient. Ultimately, United must be measured by more than this one incident on a single United Express flight; this airline is comprised of more than 82,000 employees, including over 12,500 pilots, working every day to safely fly around the globe.

Accounts from passengers have pointed to a pattern by United of forcing ticketholders from flights involuntarily, whether because a flight was overbooked or to make room for flight crew or VIPs.

Chicago's Aviation Department said on Wednesday that two more officers had been placed on leave in connection with the incident. In the widely shared video, Dao is pulled down the aisle on his back, his face bloody.

"There's really no word for it", said McCarthy, who attributed the confusion to the airline's own understanding of what unfolded on the flight as it gathered additional facts. He says it got his nail mostly but he quickly dropped it on the floor.

"I was hired to make United better and we've been doing that and that's what I'll continue to do", Munoz said.

Early on, United CEO Oscar Munoz added to the furor when he apologized for the incident but accused Dao of being belligerent.

The airline also said all passengers on the flight would get a refund, and in a statement, United insisted that Mr Munoz and the airline called Dr Dao numerous times to apologise.

But if an airline can't find enough volunteers to leave their flight behind, they are forced to remove passengers according to their policies, which vary per airline.

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On Tuesday, Munoz released a thoroughly unconvincing statement feigning contrition for Dao's abuse, saying, "The truly horrific event that occurred on this flight has elicited many responses from all of us: outrage, anger, disappointment".

Online videos captured on mobile phones by passengers on the flight show Dao manhandled by airport law enforcement on a United Airlines flight from Chicago, Illinois, to Louisville, Kentucky.

Demetrio said the legal team was taking its time to prepare a case but was not yet ready to sue.

But Mr Demetrio said while his client accepts the apology, neither Dr Dao nor his family had heard from United. The legislation, expected this spring, is to outline what passengers can expect from airlines in situations such as bumping from overbooked planes or for lost or damaged luggage.

Dao was offered $800 for his seat by United but did not want to take it, Demetrio said.

Jeff Redding, the deputy commissioner of security for the aviation department, said officers are instructed not to board planes unless there's an imminent threat.

At one point, a city council member asked if customers, such as Dr. Dao, are informed about consequences for refusing to walk off the plane when asked. Chicago Alderman Michael Zalewski, head of the committee, called the incident a nightmare that should have been avoidable.

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