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93-year-old man dies trying to rescue dog from icy pond

93-year-old man dies trying to rescue dog from icy pond

93-year-old man dies trying to rescue dog from icy pond

The moment a man jumped into a frozen pond to save his dog after it fell through the ice has been caught on camera.

A 93-year-old man fell through the ice and died while trying to rescue his dog Saturday.

Once he had "Cosmo" in hand, they broke through the ice again.

The two made it to shore and are safe.

His owner, Duncan McIver, dove into the icy water to rescue is four-legged friend in Lacombe Lake park. "I think most people would do the same for their dog", said Mclver.

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The journalists who captured McIver saving Cosmo were working on a story about the dangers of thin ice.

In an wonderful coincidence, a CTV Edmonton reporter was at the park for a story on ice safety as the rescue unfolded.

"It's a split-second thing", he told CTV Edmonton.

"Your adrenaline is going pretty hard so you don't even really notice the cold until after the fact", he said. The best advice would be to stay away from areas of thin ice.

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