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M'sia marks World Health Day 2017 with focus on depression

M'sia marks World Health Day 2017 with focus on depression

M'sia marks World Health Day 2017 with focus on depression

Today, the leading contributor to disability caused by ill health is depression. But if you think it's appropriate, encourage them to seek help from their GP or one of the many mental health support groups available. "Indian values with family systems can be good mechanisms to support those suffer from mental disorders".

That's part of the reason why the World Health Organization, which focuses on global issues for the United Nations, is targeting depression for World Health Day, an event the organization created and holds every April 7.

He, therefore, called for urgent need for the government to create more awareness on how to discourage the trend, prevent and treat those affected by the mental health condition.

The Kogi Acting Chairman of NMA, Dr Godwin Tijani, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lokoja on the sidelines of this year's "World Health Day".

The first step towards treatment and recovery is often talking to a person you trust.

Increased investment is also needed. "Almost half of these people live in the South-East Asia Region and Western Pacific Region, reflecting the relatively larger populations of those two Regions which include India and China", the document said.

The board member underscored the importance of assisting those with mental disorders by encouraging them to go for regular health checks and seeking advice for healthy living.

Trained human resources for better mental healthcare.

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But do not panic-depression is something that can happen to anybody, it is not a sign of weakness, and more importantly: it is treatable, with talking therapies or antidepressant medication or a combination of these. Both approaches can be provided by non-specialist health-workers, following a short course of training, and using WHO's mhGAP Intervention Guide.

However, failure to do so can be costly.

Some 3.6 million Vietnamese are suffering from depression, accounting for four per cent of the total population, the Ministry of Health (MoH) said on Friday.

With a better state of mind, these workers would be able to regain confidence and be more productive. Governments have to pay higher health and welfare expenditures. To tackle the condition of depression as well as spread awareness, this time, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan has made a decision to consider it as the main aim of WHO.

Dr Shalini Rajneesh, Principal Secretary, Health, Karnataka, also attended the event.

According to the Ministry of Health, depression is the strongest risk factor for suicide and in 2016, the male to female ratio for deaths by suicide in Belize was four to one.

This is the kind of royal treatment mental health deserves.

"It causes mental anguish and impacts on people's ability to carry out even the simplest everyday tasks, with sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends and the ability to earn a living", Eggers said. Symptoms can include lack of energy, changes in appetite, prolonged sleeping, indecisiveness, restlessness and more.

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