Sen. Merkley takes over Senate floor to protest Gorsuch nomination

Sen. Merkley takes over Senate floor to protest Gorsuch nomination

Sen. Merkley takes over Senate floor to protest Gorsuch nomination

In this grab from video provided by Senate Television, Sen. Republicans pointed out that filibusters of Supreme Court nominees have been nearly unheard of, while Democrats complained that Republicans will have only themselves to blame if they go forward with the rules change. I have spoken on the Senate floor twice in recent weeks to try to convince Democrats not to filibuster Judge Gorsuch's nomination because it will be damaging to the Senate and to the country. A divided Senate Judiciary Committee backed Gorsuch on Monday.

If the Senate takes this path, there would be four votes: the initial cloture; the vote on the rule change; the cloture vote under this new rule, and then the vote on Gorsuch.

And by the way, the last Democratic majority leader, Sen.

It's with this in mind that the Republicans are only changing the rules regarding filibusters on Supreme Court nominees, and not regarding legislation. Jeff Merkley pledged to hold the Senate floor in what appeared to be a last ditch effort to sway votes away from President Trump's Supreme Court pick.

Just before 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oregon Sen. This will likely prompt Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to trigger the nuclear option, meaning Gorsuch can win confirmation with a simple majority.

"They seem determined to head into the abyss", the Kentucky Republican said of Democrats as debate began over Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination.

What we are poised to do at the end of this week will have tremendous consequences and I fear that some day we will regret what we're about to do, In fact, I'm confident we will. Sen.

Debate on President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee is under way, and Republican and Democratic leaders are casting blame. "There is simply no principled reason to oppose this exceptional, exceptional Supreme Court nominee".

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A little over a decade later, most of the 48 Senate Democrats now agree with Merkley and have announced their intention to vote against Gorsuch, setting up a showdown this week over Senate rules that require a Supreme Court nominee to receive 60 votes. What's more, the senator knows full well any court nominee worth his judicial salt is not going to tip his hand on how he might approach a specific case.

Now the vacant seat on the high court is being offered to Gorsuch, to the outrage of seething Democrats such as Merkley.

The "nuclear option" would do away with that 60-vote requirement, which Democrats can prevent even as a minority party. "Or they could consult with us and reconsider Judge Gorsuch's nomination". "I mean, who could be confirmed?"

McConnell told reporters he has the votes to change the rules. "That' s my interest", perhaps hinting that she would support nuclear option but perhaps not.

McConnell downplayed the significance of that change, even as other members of his caucus have said it would damage the Senate and lead to a more ideological, partisan Supreme Court.

Senators of both parties bemoaned the further erosion of their traditions of bipartisanship and consensus.

A confirmation vote follows on Friday, after which Congress shutters for a two-week recess.

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