Rice Denies Allegations of Improper Surveillance Against Trump

Both are forms of "incidental collection", involving communications about or involving a USA person that are picked up during legal surveillance of a foreign target.

Instead, she said that in some instances the identities of people reference on foreign surveillance would have been directly released to her - admitting it was "possible" that some Trump advisers might have been mentioned by foreign officials - but said that is a far cry from leaking them to reporters. "And sometimes in that context, in order to understand the importance of the report, and assess its significance, it was necessary to find out, or request the information, as to who the US official was", Rice said. He held USA government national security positions for 25 years with the CIA, DIA, and the House Intelligence Committee staff. Fleitz also served as Chief of Staff to John R. Bolton when he was Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security in the George W. Bush administration.

The FBI interviewed Mr Page as part of a separate investigation into three Russian men identified as agents of the Russian foreign intelligence agency, the SVR. "There is no connection between unmasking and leaking".

"Obama pal and noted dissembler Susan Rice said to have been spying on Trump campaign". Rice's comments attracted criticism from members of the military and Republicans who viewed Bergdahl as a deserter and objected to the trade.

Rice became a favorite target of conservatives after the 2012 attacks on a US compound in Benghazi, Libya, when she was sent out to do television interviews with talking points about the attacks that later proved to be wrong.

In response to Nunes claims, Rice was interviewed on PBS and seemed completely taken aback by the implications and even suggested that Nunes was merely peddling falsehoods related to alleged "wiretapping" of Trump Tower by the Obama administration.

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"Not only did it not occur, it didn't occur and it could not occur as directed by the White House", Rice said.

MITCHELL: At the same time, the president, his associates, their names could have been bandied about by foreign officials, they could have been picked up in incidental collection? Cotton said that unmasking is usually done within the parameters of a law enforcement or intelligence investigation. Pursuant to USSID 18's procedures, intelligence reports summarizing information derived from the raw data would contain a redaction in place of the identity of each USA person.

"I believe Susan Rice abused the system and she did it for political purposes".

This is typically done because the official needs the name to understand the full context of the report.

"Yes, in general, and any other national security adviser would, I think, as a matter of their ordinary course of business", Comey said. So they're giving it to me, if I read it, and I think that in order for me to really understand is it significant or not so significant, I need to understand who the US person is, I can make that request. She also stated it "had no basis in fact".

Many on Twitter were quick to note that two people with prominent access to the president were praising the words and actions of a man who had made many claims they found extremely objectionable.

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