Apple's Phil Schiller Teases iMac Refresh And Mac Pro Redesign

Apple's Phil Schiller Teases iMac Refresh And Mac Pro Redesign

Apple's Phil Schiller Teases iMac Refresh And Mac Pro Redesign

We normally like to do as much of our own reporting as possible on Newsshooter but sometimes it's just not possible.

While these days Apple has mostly shifted its focus towards the iPhone and the Macbook, one could easily forget the Cupertino heavyweight got its beginning with the launch of the now-legendary Macintosh computer. Take a moment, hop over to Daring Fireball and have a read of a fairly extraordinary meeting.

Apple customers might have complained somewhere in frustration that the company has not made any revisions to the Mac Pro after the year 2013. Apple now ships computers at a ratio of 80% notebooks to 20% desktop computers, a stat that definitely comes as no surprise.

Apple's refreshed Mac Pro offerings are now listed for sale via the Apple online storefront, however the top-tier octa-core model is, at least for the time being, listed as "currently unavailable".

Apple also said the redesigned Pro would not be released this year. The company called it "the most radical Mac ever" and "our vision for the future of the pro desktop".

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The "pre-announcement" of a future Mac Pro overhaul isn't exactly consistent with Apple's usual way of revealing product plans. The Mac Pro AAPL introduced in 2013 looked cool, but its compact cylinder form factor limited upgrade options.

He revealed this in a press briefing earlier today in which more details were also revealed about the company's plans for the Mac Pro and iMac. The company wants to be able to "keep [the machine] fresh with regular improvements" and to make the Pro Apple's "highest-end, high throughput desktop system".

The Mac Pro was the main topic of conversation with a few hand-picked members of the media, with Apple revealing that a redesigned Mac Pro is now in the works, but won't be released this year. Why hasn't the Mac Pro seen an update for so long? The changes are subtle, but offer better speeds at similar prices to older models. The US$3,999 model gets and 8 core Xeon CPU, up from 6 cores, and the dual AMD D500 GPUs are now D800 GPUs. And if you're good at math, that means Microsoft's platform is four times more popular than Apple's. Or if you have a lot of Thunderbolt 2 peripherals you don't want to have to buy a dongle for. I'll say more about that in a moment, but first, let me recommend that you read at least the first two of the articles linked above - Panzarino and Gruber, in particular, did an excellent job of capturing both what was said and the implications of those statements.

The G4 Cube. Still a thing of beauty. Apple designed the system with dual GPUs, while creative professionals have been shifting toward a single, larger and more powerful GPU.

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