Cattle call: Heifers escape from St. Louis slaughterhouse

Cattle call: Heifers escape from St. Louis slaughterhouse

Cattle call: Heifers escape from St. Louis slaughterhouse

The six heifers slipped out of the Star Packing Company on Thursday afternoon and took to north St. Louis streets, trotting through neighborhoods and interrupting traffic. Two cattle are at the Little Sisters of the Poor located near the intersection of Florissant and Salsbury. Officers can be seen holding tranquilizer rifles. Police eventually rounded them up, the Post-Dispatch reported.

Undaunted, the heifers trotted through traffic while SWAT officers, animal control and the Humane Society of Missouri all tried to round them up. A cattle trailer was backed up to a home in the area.

A herd of cattle made their great escape in north St. Louis, and now people are trying to make their next escape last the rest of their lives. All six were captured and contained by 7:06 p.m. that night, according to the St. Louis Police Department.

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"They've never seen this kind of environment so that's probably why they went insane", said Hamdan.

But even if Coston's group won't pay for the cattle, perhaps others will. Adam Brewer, of Chesterfield, set up a GoFundMe account Thursday night in hopes of buying the animals' freedom.

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