'Rick And Morty' prank us all with brand

'Rick And Morty' prank us all with brand

'Rick And Morty' prank us all with brand

The episode ended with Jack falling into an abyss - and we have no idea what will happen.

Fans of the show, who are used to being trolled by the creators, were expecting the episode to cut out at any moment, with Rick proclaiming it as an elaborate joke.

The clip features Rick as a pickle escaping some kind of imprisonment.

There's plenty of parallels between the two scenes, enough that this could easily be taking place in another dimension.

April Fools' Day ended here on the east coast a couple of hours ago, but not before one brilliant final trick was pulled off.

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Could Rick Still Be in Prison?

Perhaps everything that's happening is all an elaborate ruse to still get Rick to divulge the secret of the portal gun.

Sadly, it only lasted as long as a real April Fools' Day prank and is no longer streaming, so there's no official way to watch it right now in case you missed it. The sauce was part of a promotion in the late "90s for Disney's Mulan". Dan Harmon also made a rap about it.

One Rick and Morty fan was gleeful about Samurai Jack fans' outrage and created a post reading, "The Samurai Jack Subreddit is PISSED". Could this be that episode?

Even after the episode began airing and fans started watching, many couldn't believe it was real.

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