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Drew McIntyre Confirms He's Signed With NXT

Since then, Roode has crowed about his accomplishment as the next great phase of NXT, while Nakamura has licked his wounds. He's been able to re-establish his brand and he'll join the NXT roster with new momentum.

#DIY captured the NXT Tag Team Championships from The Revival at TakeOver: Toronto in one of the best matches of the year. Roode recently defended his title against the returning Kassius Ohno, while Nakamura only just made a trimphant return to the ring, proving the health of his knee in a fiery encounter against former WWE Cruiserweight champion T.J. Perkins.

In the midst of NXT TakeOver: Orlando, rumors instantly began to circulate when the "Sinister Scotsman" was spotted watching the live WWE Network event very closely from his seat in the capacity crowd.

Keep an eye out for the official designs later today, and be sure to watch NXT Takeover tonight at 8 PM EDT. So, he brings plenty of experience to the table.

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But speculation instantly dissipated when McIntyre revealed to ESPN that he has signed as NXT's newest Superstar.

The big duo of Akam and Rezar make the Authors of Pain a formidable opponent, especially as the reigning champions, but what truly makes them daunting is the presence of the always crafty Paul Ellering lurking outside the ring.

The match kicks of with SAnity walking to the ring. However, we didn't see the glorious one step into an NXT Ring to wrestle until NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II. They put strategy to the test once again in a chaotic mixed tag match to open the card.

The Authors of Pain retained their NXT Tag Team Titles in a triple threat elimination tag match by first eliminating D.I.Y via the 'Last Chapter', then polishing off The Revival with a 'Super Collider'.

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