Trump administration seeks delay in ruling on climate plan

President Trump's latest move to support coal mining is unlikely to turn around the industry's prospects immediately.

Not so fast. Most experts are skeptical this new order will result in many new coal jobs in the short term, as those jobs face bigger threats from automation and cheap natural gas than they do from federal regulation.

Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Ikea, Levi Strauss & Co., and Best Buy also said they would stick to climate change promises made to the Obama administration.

FILE - In this Tuesday, March 28, 2017 file photo, demonstrators gather in front of the White House in Washington, during a rally against President Donald Trump's Energy Independence Executive order.

But environmentalists say moves like reversing the Clean Power Plan and ending the coal-leasing moratorium, which was also announced this week, will actually harm people and the economy. But, will the state's far-right, wildly unpopular Governor Sam Brownback sign the bill meant to help some 180,000 Kansans obtain access to health care - even with the federal legislation footing the bill for nearly all of it?

"Granite Staters know that protecting our environment while building a stronger, more affordable energy future is critical for our families and our businesses".

Family of Pc Keith Palmer thank those who tried to help
The image of Mr Ellwood, face bloodied, fighting to save the life of PC Palmer will come to define the moment terror struck at the heart of London.

Devin Nunes has some explaining to do
And Spicer last week suggested strongly that he doubted it was the White House that provided the information. Schiff today said Nunes has yet to inform him what was the info, where he saw it, and who showed it to him.

GAO to scrutinize security expenses of Trump's Mar-a-Lago trips
In that review, the GAO estimated that an official speech in IL , followed by a golf weekend in Florida, cost about $3.6 million. Trump Organization representatives have said the first payment would not arrive in the government coffers until 2018.

Expect to hear a lot more about the Clean Power Plan in the coming years - and more than likely, it will come in the context of legal action.

"As the United States is, historically, the largest polluter, its failure to meet worldwide commitments will undermine the Paris Agreement that was signed by 195 countries in 2015 to fight climate change".

The Obama rule was created to limit polluting coal-fired power plants in favor of green energy, such as wind and solar. Between this Order and the budget, the Administration is proposing to stop efforts to limit climate change, to enable communities to respond to climate change and even to measure and understand climate change. But she did note that the United States "is, and remains, a party to the landmark Paris Climate Change Agreement".

The US is, at present, the second largest coal consumer in the world after China.

The CEO of General Electric Co. on Wednesday slammed President Trump's executive order rolling back former President Obama's climate change efforts in an internal memo, pledging his company will continue its efforts to combat climate change.

One way Trump can really help coal workers, is by repairing, not replacing Obamacare, which some suffering from black lung, have said helped them stay alive.

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