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Here's what else Oakland is losing, along with the Raiders

Here's what else Oakland is losing, along with the Raiders

Here's what else Oakland is losing, along with the Raiders

Las Vegas is a place that is known to treat winners well. In most cities and states, a ballot measure aimed at paying for a football stadium would fail, badly. It appears some competition is brewing.

Local officials did vie to keep the Raiders, with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf pledging land and $200 million in municipal bonds backed by tax revenue generated by a new arena.

Las Vegas and Nevada taxpayers statewide will be paying the $750 million tab that Davis and the Nevada State Legislature have agreed upon.

Kaval grew up in Cleveland - he's still a Browns fan - and saw firsthand what it was like for an National Football League franchise to be ripped from a loyal community.

"One of those scenarios is no sports facilities at all".

Come that day, it would be of no surprise if many interested San Diegans take to heart these words: Go Fish.

So the Oakland-Los Angeles-Inglewood-Irwindale-San Antonio-Las Vegas Raiders are officially going to become the Las Vegas Raiders. The Silver and Black franchise seem destined to leave the Golden Knights as Vegas' lone franchise for at least the next two years.

"I think we still strongly oppose legalised sports gambling", Goodell told media at a recent press gathering in Phoenix, Arizona in the US. "They didn't want us; we busted our tails". Carr made $908,346 in base salary in 2016 and would have a cap number of more than $1.7 million in 2017, the final year of his rookie contact. As I understand it, loans are to be paid back with interest, so I assume that will put the bill for the Raiders' Taj Mahal to over $2 billion.

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"I don't want them there". "You need some public money for infrastructure and things like that".

The Golden Knights will play at the 20,000-seater T-Mobile Arena, which opened in April past year and was privately funded through a 50-50 venture between MGM and AEG. Those improvements have already cost the city $110 million with close to $90 million still left to pay off over the next decade.

Although the Raiders' impending departure opens the door a little wider for a new A's stadium, the baseball team is taking no pleasure in the idea of having the Oakland Coliseum to themselves.

"I reflected and said, 'What is my position?"

Not only does it apply to the franchise's planned move to Las Vegas, which won't happen until 2020, it also figures when discussing a contract extension for franchise quarterback Derek Carr.

Question: Where did the Oakland Raiders play their home games in their first season?

Basically, support the team that's eventually bolting on you in two or three years or lose them in a year. "We are the first major league sports team in Las Vegas".

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