The Strongest Coffee in the World Is Now Available in America

The Strongest Coffee in the World Is Now Available in America

The Strongest Coffee in the World Is Now Available in America

If you're a person who loves coffee enough that you'd travel all over the world to source the flawless cup - well, you're a person after our own hearts.

How strong is Black Insomnia? It is considered the "world's strongest coffee", and is twice as strong as Starbuck's dark roast, at around 21.25 mg per fl. oz. With only 34 milligrams, a can of Coke might as well be Ambien.

The world's strongest coffee, dubbed Black Insomnia, went on sale in the United States this week.

In comparison, a can of Red Bull generally contains approximately 108 mg of caffeine for the equivalent 340 mL volume. Mary Sweeney Black Insomnia founder Sean Kristafor is aware of the limits and issued warnings on the coffee's labels. Other brands also make similar claim so the makers of Black Insomnia sent samples to a Swiss-based laboratory to scientifically support their claim.

The Black Insomnia maker addressed the safety of their own product's caffeine content. One 12-ounce cup of Black Insomnia has 702mg.

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He says side effects of that much caffeine... Which, to be blunt, tells you why you should probably not drink OUR Cold Brew if you do not have a high tolerance for caffeine.

"So here's the thing, don't come crying to us if you can't handle the kick", the company said.

No, we're not getting a jump on April Fools' Day - this coffee could put you on the ground. But what if some days, you want more? A screenshot of the coffee's "Dangerous" rating on the Caffeine Informer website features prominently on its homepage.

Black Insomnia contains 702 milligrams of caffeine for every 12-ounce cup-and that's from what's already in the beans, no extra caffeine added. It has to be the strongest but simultaneously it should not exceed the world guidelines.

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