Google Hints at Many New Features in Android O

Google Hints at Many New Features in Android O

Google Hints at Many New Features in Android O

It can also provide weather reports and users may use the Google Assistant to operate all home-based smart appliances.

In previous versions of stock Android, the process of adding a custom ringtone involved copying files into the dedicated ringtone or alarm folders on your handset - or downloading a third-party app. In general, users will have greater control over notifications and which ones they want to see displayed onscreen. The new version of the Android OS does promise more efficient use of battery power along with other features.

If you have a recent Nexus or Pixel device, then you can download Google's Android O beta release and install it on your phone.

The new software that was released by Google is, of course, meant for developers only and Google stresses that it is in no way meant to be used for regular consumers. The number of notifications per app will also be displayed, as in iOS.

One of the most hated UI element as a result of multiple flavors of Android is the inconsistency in the icons.

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Several OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) have released Google's latest operating system Android 7.0 Nougat to their popular devices months ago but Xiaomi took more time than expected in seeding the firmware.

Android O overhauls notifications too, allowing developers to create themed notification channels, grouping alerts from various apps so users can decide which ones they receive. While Google's customization tools for notifications as well as the Systems UI Tuner are fun, a bunch of this is a setup for more to be announced by the tech giant later this spring. We're just scratching the surface on what Android O brings to the table, but one of the new things that has been discovered is a whole new look for persistent notifications, and it's awesome... Now the users can get the multiple window in a screen.

Still, the overall numbers for Android security aren't great. Google plans to tackle the battery life by limiting what apps can do in the background.

Note that this Geekbench listing doesn't guarantee that an update to Android Nougat on OnePlus 2 is here.

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