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OH unemployment rate 5.1%, state gains 15200 jobs

The national unemployment rate was 4.7 percent in February.

Over the past 12 months, the county added 70,000 payroll jobs for a growth rate of 1.6 percent, which is in line with the trend of recent months. The U.S. unemployment rate was 4.7 percent in February. The industries with the largest jobs gains in the Jacksonville area over the year were professional and business services with 5,200 new jobs, and education and health services with 5,000 new jobs.

"The Connecticut economy is now only adding roughly 1,000 jobs per month on average, suggesting full job recovery may not materialize until sometime in 2019", Klepper-Smith said.

The report showed the first two months of this year are reversing a workforce trend seen through 2016, when Pennsylvania's unemployment rate increased by a almost a full percentage point.

The latest numbers reflect 501,000 Floridians out of work from a labor force of 10 million.

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"We do see that those figures, especially the employment rate that has been so depressed, following the great recession, starting to come back", says UC Berkeley labor economist Sylvia Allegretto.

Despite February job losses in the Transportation, Utilities and the Trade sectors, the February unemployment rate in IL declined point three percentage points to 5.4 percent. The rate was 8.1 percent in January. Notably, construction hiring showed signs of continued strength, adding 2.3 percent (400 net jobs) for the month and 9.9 percent (1,600) over the previous year.

St. Johns County had an unemployment rate of 4.3 percent in January, the second-lowest rate in the state. Lynn Hatter reports state employment officials say that's a good thing. In addition to anemic labor participation, the Palmetto State has struggled with low-paying jobs, low incomes and weak economic growth during Haley's tenure. Furthermore, Illinois has struggled with out-migration and is losing many working-age adults to other states, resulting in a smaller labor force.

Kentucky's trade, transportation and utilities also registered losses, decreasing by 1,200 positions over the month.

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