Officer Guilty Of Manslaughter In 'Execution' Of 6-Year-Old

Officer Guilty Of Manslaughter In 'Execution' Of 6-Year-Old

Officer Guilty Of Manslaughter In 'Execution' Of 6-Year-Old

The jury in the Derrick Stafford murder trial in Marksville has reached a verdict in the shooting death of a young boy and injuring of his father.

An Avoyelles Parish jury convicted a former Marksville deputy marshal of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter in a shooting at the end of a chase that left a 6-year-old boy dead and the boy's father seriously wounded. Stafford said that at that moment, he took out his gun and fired at least four shots towards Few's vehicle, fearing that he might put the auto in reverse and run over his colleague. His sentencing is set for March 31. "I would have called off the pursuit myself".

Stafford fired 14 of the bullets, the court heard.

Greenhouse, 25, faces a separate trial on murder charges later this year.

Few testified on this week that the officers never warned him they were about to open fire.

Derrick Stafford and another deputy city marshal fired on a vehicle driven by the boy's father after a 2-mile chase.

During cross-examination, the prosecution wanted to dive right into his actions on November 3, 2015, alluding to the fact that there wasn't a real threat to officers and that none of the officers tried to check on Few or Mardis after shots were fired.

"I felt I had no choice but to save Norris".

Four bullets hit the child, who died in minutes.

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Stafford cried when he was shown photographs of the dead boy telling the court: "Never in a million years would I have fired my weapon if I knew a child was in that vehicle".

But footage from Greenhouse's body camera shows that Few had raised his hands in a universal sign of surrender before the two deputies collectively fired 18 shots at the vehicle.

After waking up from unconsciousness six days later (the day of Mardis' funeral) Few finally realized what had happened.

Mardis and Few, who was unarmed, are both white and Stafford and Greenhouse Jr black. Asked if he regretted not stopping his vehicle when he was aware police were pursuing him, he responded: "Most definitely". Few said he kept driving in hopes of catching up with a girlfriend in a van ahead of him, so that she could take care of his son if he got arrested.

"Most definitely", Few responded.

"The whole reason there was even a chase was for his well-being", he said.

Stafford's lawyers accused the 26-year-old of leading the four officers on a risky, high-speed chase and stated that he had rammed his vehicle into Greenhouse's police auto before he was shot.

He was suspended from the Marksville Police Department after getting indicted on rape charges in 2011.

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