Google Maps Introduces New Location Sharing Feature With Real-Time Friend Tracking

Google Maps Introduces New Location Sharing Feature With Real-Time Friend Tracking

Google Maps Introduces New Location Sharing Feature With Real-Time Friend Tracking

Google Maps has updated a new parking feature in its beta version.

Apple Maps on iOS 10 has a similar capability to help people find their parked vehicles however, users require a Bluetooth connection between their auto and iPhone.

The first feature lets users set their car's location by tapping on the blue location dot, and selecting the "Save your parking" option in the menu. That said, your friends and family members won't need to have the app installed in order to see where you are; you can just share your location using a short link. If you take off for a trip with navigation, you'll also be able to share that trip with people, so they can see your exact progress along the way. Google Maps will save your current parking location until you either click "Clear" or start over with another parking space. It might seem creepy to have your family and friends spy on your location, but Google is handling it well, with expiration times, automatic shut-off, and trip tracking that ends when you arrive. From here, contacts will see you in their Google Maps.

Of course, this isn't Google's first crack at real-time location sharing. In present state of cities, where parking spaces are flooded with cars, being unable to locate a single vehicle is a real problem. When someone shares their location with you, you'll have the option of reciprocating by sharing your own location, or pulling up directions to the person's address.

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Smartphones make it impossible to lose your phone, but now Google is looking to ensure you can't lose something considerably bigger: your auto. But if you don't want to wait for the wide release then you can download Google Maps v9.49 beta from the Google Play store right now.

Google also introduced a "share trip" feature which provides contacts with the trip route and ETA.

Location sharing.could raise all kinds of privacy concerns.

The new tool allows you to store you location data and set a timer for when you need to have returned to your auto. Since the beginning of the year, it has added some pretty great features to make it easier to get where you're going, including Uber integration, parking availability, and saved places. But now, despite it being manual of course, it is much easier to use the feature for when you are actually parking.

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