Mass Effect Andromeda: 12 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

Mass Effect Andromeda: 12 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

Mass Effect Andromeda: 12 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

Mass Effect Andromeda is days away from making its official debut but despite not being out yet, the game is already being blasted by the majority of the fans. We talked about the performance of the game and how you can run the game at 60 FPS at 1080p.

Bioware and EA's Mass Effect Andromeda, the fourth entry in the series, is due out tomorrow- but if you want your appetite whetted until then, we have you covered.

As Scott Ryder (you can also play twin sister Sara if you like) in the year 2163, you meet chief engineer on the Tempest - Gil.

Andromeda looks fantastic on PC, and runs mostly fine, PC players known how valuable it is to run the game at the best performance possible.

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Here's what you need to know about pre-loading and playing your copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda as soon as it unlocks.

"Whatever system configuration you play on you'll have a great experience thanks to GeForce Experience, which can automatically configure Mass Effect: Andromeda's graphics settings for the best balance between image quality and performance", Nvidia said.

But of course, the fans will still buy the game for the gameplay and plot line.

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