Month-old dies after sittter can't reach 911

Month-old dies after sittter can't reach 911

Month-old dies after sittter can't reach 911

"There was nothing I could do".

Trapped at a client's home without a auto, a sitter called 911 three times as a baby struggled breathing. The city confirmed that so-called "ghost calls" from T-Mobile phones were overwhelming emergency lines at the time.

In an exchange with Rawlings at a press conference on Wednesday, Taffet explained he remained on hold while his husband stopped breathing and was hung up on.

Taffet says as he performed CPR, his call to 911 was dropped. "That's all I want to know", Alex said.

Alex blames the city and T-Mobile for failing to fix a problem they've had since November. More than 400 callers were put on hold an average of 38 minutes.

Mayor Mike Rawlings expressed frustration about the danger the situation poses for residents.

"Those 20 minutes were the longest 20 minutes of my life", he said.

He said he thought that they had resolved the issue back in January.

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Dallas public safety officials are pressing T-Mobile for solutions following the death of a 6-month-old boy whose baby sitter couldn't reach 911 operators.

Details surrounding Brandon's death were still murky Wednesday.

Taffet told the Dallas Morning News he is waiting for officials to determine a cause of death. In the meantime, he has advised citizens to not hang up and call if they are put on hold because calling multiple times makes the problem worse, since 911 dispatchers are required to return each hang-up call to verify if there is a legitimate emergency. The woman didn't have a auto and called the baby's mother.

Brandon's mother sped home and took him to a hospital for surgery. He died at the hospital. "It's not acceptable that this happened and we're going to make sure that it never happens again".

But on Saturday the city says it experienced a spike of more than 400 ghost calls. On March 6, 360 emergency calls were placed on hold, the Dallas manager wrote in a memo. The calls originate with T-Mobile devices that have already called 911, said Deputy Police Chief Jesse Reyes.

The caregiver, who is Ms Alex's best friend, her Alex that she had called 911 three times on her T-Mobile phone and kept being placed on hold.

The "ghost call" glitch occurs when T-Mobile customers call 911. But last month, "it really let loose again", said Reyes, who oversees the communications division.

T-Mobile also released a statement but gave no timeline for when the glitch would be fixed.

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