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Internet can't handle Clear Knee Mom Jeans

Internet can't handle Clear Knee Mom Jeans

Internet can't handle Clear Knee Mom Jeans

Have you ever wanted to wear a pair of jeans that show off your kneecaps? Perhaps you spent 45 minutes painstakingly shaving all the fiddly bits.

You know you've been looking for a way to reveal your sexy knees and Topshop seems to have heard your cry.

Well, TopShop says no more.

Mom jeans are back. just this time they have see through, clear knees.

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"Slick plastic panels bare your knees for a futuristic feel in tapered and cropped high-waist jeans", reads the description on Nordstrom's website, the same retail platform that earlier this year brought us the $85 leather-wrapped rock.

Called "the mullet of the jeans world" by reviewer PartyMomJeans, Topshop's latest design is certainly attracting attention. "Sweaty knees are the best!" says SweatyBetty17. I like to keep an eye on my knees throughout the day so I've been stuck wearing only skirts and dresses. "Now with my Clear Knee Mom Jeans I have a comfortable, stylish trousers option in my wardrobe." .

It's unclear how many people have actually bought these jeans, but the internet can't get enough of making fun of them. I wait no longer and they match perfectly!

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