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Boaty McBoatface Embarks On Its First Mission

Boaty McBoatface Embarks On Its First Mission

Boaty McBoatface Embarks On Its First Mission

The little yellow submarine was given the quirky title after it topped a poll originally created to name the government's next polar research ship. However, not wanting to completely disregard the people's carefully considered choice, the council said it'd give the absurd Boaty name to the ship's robot sub instead. The British Science Ministry ignored the poll and instead used the name for an accompanying sub.

Boaty McBoatface has all the bells and whistles one could ever ask for in a remote-controlled underwater research submarine: the ability to travel under ice, transmit data to its mothership, and reach depths of almost 20,000 feet.

Well, the government felt the name was inappropriate, but they chose to use the silly moniker on one of their new robotic submarines.

"The one that will initiate the "adventures of Boaty" will head out of Punta Arenas, Chile, on Friday aboard Britain's current polar ship, the RRS James Clark Ross".

Boaty McBoatface will be sent into the Antarctic to study water flow and turbulence in the Orkney Passage, which is more than 2 miles deep, in order to help scientists better understand the impact of global warming. "The abyssal waters of the World Ocean sink in the Southern Ocean, and flow northward along the seafloor in submarine streams".

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Scientists have been gathering evidence that the Antarctic bottom water is getting warmer, but they have not been able to determine why.

"Our goal is to learn enough about these convoluted processes to represent them in the models that scientists use to predict how our climate will evolve over the 21st century and beyond".

"One of the most surprising features of the climate change that we are now experiencing is that the abyssal waters of the world ocean have been warming steadily over the last few decades", said Garabato.

All jokes aside, NERC is insistent the public remember that Boaty McBoatface is engaged in serious and important business. If nothing else, its name will likely draw extra attention to the project, and educate the public about the ongoing effects of climate change.

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