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Taylor Swift's Stalker Breaks Into Her Apartment Building

This lines up with the D.A.'s docs which say Mohammed was caught on surveillance video February 6. walking the hallway and roof of Taylor's building.

Taylor Swift has been granted an order of protection against a man who has allegedly been stalking her since December of 2016.

According to Page Six Jaffar 29-year-old kept showing up unannounced to the singer's luxury condo for almost three months, demanding to have a sit-down meeting with the singer.

Mohammed Jaffar had the handcuffs slapped on him after he allegedly stalked the superstar over a number of months in New York City.

The fan is a 29-year-old man named Mohammed Jaffar, and understandably this really freaked out TayTay. His most recent visit was on February 15. He was also caught lurking on her roof this February.

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However, Mohammed didn't appreciate being turned away as he proceeded to stop by the building FOUR more times over the course of two months.

"He was all over her building... in the lobby and on the roof", TMZ is reporting of the Swift stalker, claiming that he was on the roof of Taylor's apartment building for hours even allegedly continually rang her doorbell for an hour straight. The fan has since been arrested for stalking and burglary and is being held on $20,000 bond.

Another time, he spent one hour ringing the buzzer, came back another day and rang for 45 minutes. NY judge David Frey also signed an order of protection against the man, barring any contact with country-turned-pop star Swift.

We would think that Taylor would be extra safe in the glamorous building, which also houses Orlando Bloom and Steven Soderbergh.

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