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USA reports two confirmed outbreaks of Avian flu in poultry

USA reports two confirmed outbreaks of Avian flu in poultry

USA reports two confirmed outbreaks of Avian flu in poultry

The H7 strain of bird flu is the first confirmed case in the United State in 2017 but Tennesse Health Officials stress they have destroyed all of the infected birds and stopped the virus from getting into the food supply. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the H5N2 strain found at the Wisconsin farm was determined to be from North American wild bird origin and distinct from the H5N2 found during the 2015 outbreak. The company said that it doesn't expect its chicken business to be disrupted, but the outbreak sent jitters through Wall Street. "This not only prevents the potential spread of disease, it is more humane for the infected birds". There were 108 poultry farms impacted within the state.

The source of the bird flu outbreak in Lincoln County has not yet been identified.

Tyson, the country's largest poultry processor stressed the situation was "a bird health issue and not a food safety or human health concern". The turkey flock was tested after numerous birds showed signs of depression and the infected farm was immediately quarantined.

"Animal health is our top priority, " said state veterinarian, Dr Charles Hatcher. Strategies implemented by many organic chicken producers, for example, such as access to the outdoors, low densities, and adequate lighting, are necessary to raise chickens and other food animals in the most healthy, safe, and sustainable manner.

HPAI is deadly for domesticated chickens and turkeys.

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A strain of avian influenza was discovered in Tennessee's poultry industry, the state's Department of Agriculture announced.

The outbreak of bird flu is worrying for companies as this Tennessee farm is in the vicinity of states that account for the biggest production of chicken meat.

Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. additionally released a statement Monday urging growers to do all they can to prevent visitors or wild birds from coming into contact with their chickens. "Nor is it the type that affected the Midwest in 2015", said Commissioner of Agriculture, Jai Templeton.

Tyson employees who come in contact with live birds received additional training specifically created to help protect against the spread of avian flu.

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