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The last of Wolverine: Logan leaves a legacy

Hugh Jackman's Logan is considered as one of the finest X-Men movies in the franchise till this date.

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, who hails from Australia, has expressed confidence in the Indian cricket team to perform in a bolder way in the second Test against his home country's team.

Jackman was recently treated for basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer, for what is believed to be his sixth time in more than three years. In the comic book series, for 50-59 odd years, many people have interpreted the character in different ways and he is the better for it. And the expression on Selleck's face is "Holy S***!" and I thought, bingo. "You're superheroes", Jackman said in the video.

"Namastey to all my fans in India".

Hugh began, "Kohli is incredible. I mean, It's just so shocking, you know?" Do you guys know that cricket is my favourite sport? "I take inspiration from that because I respect and love the fans knowing that I would not be sitting here if it weren't for Wolverine".

"At some point, I think for me, that the old adage of "Less is more" comes in", said Mangold. Having covered, films, theatre and musicals, what is keeping him away from Bollywood? "It's like, 'It's OK, I'll be back here - I'm doing a movie called The Greatest Showman, I'll be back here in six months". "Never more so than Logan".

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Seems like Logar star Hugh Jackman wants some publicity for his movie releasing on March 3.

"The moment he said it, I was like, 'This is it.' I'm quite indecisive, but when I get that gut feeling, it's kind of a relief to me. "My initial proposal to Fox was that I wanted to make very bloody, existential version of 'Little Miss Sunshine" with Logan and Charles Xavier".

Jackman also confessed that he got the idea of Logan at 4am in the night. "I am really invested in it".

"Sitting beside Hugh watching him say goodbye I realized there will be no more flawless time to say au revoir, adios, goodbye to this franchise than this, I'm very content", Stewart added.

Hugh Jackman returns as "Logan" for one final time.

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