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Hawaii ranked 4th happiest state in US

Hawaii ranked 4th happiest state in US

Hawaii ranked 4th happiest state in US

We're fair to middling, thanks.

Within those three categories were 28 smaller metrics used to determine the total such as income level and depression rates.

So how did we do? The categories had a possible total score of 50 points, 25 points and 25 points, respectively. Those specifications were "Emotional and Physical Well-Being", "Work Environment" and "Community and Environment". The five least happy? Underneath Louisiana were Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and West Virginia. The state scored particularly low in the "highest long-term unemployment rate".

We get plenty of sleep, apparently, though not as much as Colorado, which ranks number 1.

People are more prone to poor mental health days than in other places and the high rates of obesity and other chronic disease impact quality of life and personal satisfaction.

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Hawaii has the lowest depression rate, 10.7 percent, which is 2.2 times lower than in OR, where the rate is highest, 24.0 percent.

Analyst Jill Gonzalez says South Dakota's lowest rankings are in number of work hours and an even lower ranking in leisure time. Move to Utah, not Alaska.

Utah has the highest volunteerism rate, 45.2 percent, which is 2.5 times higher than in Louisiana, where the rate is lowest, 18.2 percent.

MA ranked 16th overall in happiness, third in New England (behind New Hampshire and Vermont).

So, Pennsylvanians, take heart.

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