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SpaceX accident 'most difficult and complex' in its history

SpaceX accident 'most difficult and complex' in its history

SpaceX accident 'most difficult and complex' in its history

In a Tweet Friday, Musk outlined the challenge facing the investigation which involves NASA, the Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration.

The explosion occurred as the rocket was being fueled for a standard pre-launch static fire test ahead of an expected weekend launch on September 3. Originated around upper stage oxygen tank.

The incident completely destroyed the rocket and its payload, a $200m (£150m) Facebook satellite created to bring internet access to sub-saharan Africa.

In particular, Musk was focused on a "quieter bang sound" that he heard a few seconds before the explosion. "May come from rocket or something else", Musk tweeted.

Last week, SpaceX said it was "in the early process of reviewing approximately 3,000 channels of telemetry and video data covering a time period of just 35-55 milliseconds".

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Mr Musk tweeted that the explosion of Falcon 9 during a routine filling operation was the most complicated in the space travel firm's history.

Last year, Falcon 9 launches were suspended for more than five months in the wake of a launch failure. The Falcon rocket and a satellite were destroyed, and the pad was damaged. Musk's company in May broke ULA's monopoly on flying USA military and national security satellites, winning an $83 million Air Force contract to launch a Global Positioning System satellite in 2018. But unlike previous SpaceX failures, the cause of last week's setback is particularly mysterious. "We are confident the two launch pads can support our return to flight and fulfill our upcoming manifest needs".

Hale also said the blast leads "to the perception that folks aren't doing their jobs quite as well as they could" in the spaceflight industry. "Turning out to be the most hard and complex failure we have ever had in 14 years". The Amos-6 included capabilities for Facebook to spot-beam broadband to parts of Africa for its Internet.org initiative. The accident could ground SpaceX spacecraft for nine to 12 months while the company determines the cause of the explosion, Reuters reports. It was planning to use a recycled rocket for an upcoming satellite launch.

A video stream from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida shows smoke rising from a SpaceX launch pad blast.

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