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Trump to propose political tests for immigrants

Trump to propose political tests for immigrants

Trump to propose political tests for immigrants

"We should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people", said Trump, proposing what he called an "ideological screening test".

The Republican presidential nominee will speak at Youngstown State University Monday afternoon. Trump's vision will be grounded in "foreign policy realism", senior adviser Stephen Miller said Sunday, painting the battle against "radical Islamic terrorism" as being as serious as the Cold War, with Trump willing to work with any Middle Eastern country willing to join the fight against ISIS. He called for parents, teachers and others to promote "American culture" and encouraged "assimilation".

He wagged his finger at his audience in the former steel town of Youngstown, Ohio, and repeated the phrase "extreme vetting" to convey seriousness, but he gave no details about what this might entail. The policy would represent a significant shift in how the US manages entry into the country.

The Republican nominee continues to propose banning immigration of all foreign Muslims and asks authorities to "temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most risky and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism".

"We will also work closely with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation on this new mission", said Trump, according to Reuters.

Earlier in the speech, Trump cited terrorist attacks on United States soil carried out by immigrants or children of immigrants as the reasoning behind the stricter immigration policies. A White House spokesman declined to comment on the most recent remarks. Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden campaigned Monday in Scranton.

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Beyond his immigration ban, Trump has also been criticized for suggesting that President Barack Obama is linked to radical Islamic terrorism, floating surveillance of United States mosques and proclaiming that he believes "Islam hates us".

According to Trump, immigrants who embrace American values and are expected to thrive in the country would be issued visas.

Trump more broadly criticized the Obama administration - and his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton - saying their policies created a power vacuum in the Middle East that allowed ISIS to flourish. He vowed to partner with any country that shares his goal of defeating the extremist group, regardless of other strategic disagreements, and named Russian Federation as a nation he would like to improve relations with. He also pledged to work closely with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, an organization he has criticized as obsolete in the past. But they have been unable to reach an agreement on which militant groups could be targeted.

He also said that Obama and Clinton are responsible for the rise of IS for having pulled out of Iraq - Obama was ending the nation building started by President Bush. Status: False. The withdrawal of USA forces from Iraq was established by President George W. Bush.

Numerous things Trump attacked - including the Iraq invasion, the Libya intervention and the Iraq withdrawal under Obama - are developments he has expressed support for in past years.

"Those who support bigotry and hatred" will not be admitted to the United States, said Trump. "Clearly, new screening procedures are needed", he said.

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