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'Diddy' delays tour to recover from shoulder surgery

'Diddy' delays tour to recover from shoulder surgery

'Diddy' delays tour to recover from shoulder surgery

News that the couple has chose to take a "break" from their relationship.

Ventura had told Diddy, 46, she wanted to end their relationship, which angered the "I Need A Girl" singer and led him to go through her phone, then jump out of a vehicle in Beverly Hills with the device still in hand, according to the gossip site.

TMZ - the first to report the "explosive" argument - has learned that the pair got into a heated fight in a vehicle after Cassie told the 46-year-old rapper that she wanted to end their relationship. He supposedly snatched her phone when she asked to break up with him.

A source told the magazine yes there was a fight, but they remain together as it was just an argument.

Diddy and Cassie, 29, have been dating on and off since 2007.

Meanwhile, Cassie had told her mother what had happened before her on/off lover got back to their house, and her mom called police.

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The cops therefore ended up at Cassie's residence, prompting her to explain that she got the phone back and everything had calmed down. He eventually came to Cassie's home to return her phone, but was then greeted by some cops whom her mom called after her daughter told her about the phone incident.

What do you make of Diddy's and Cassie's supposed split?

At the time, she made an Instagram post which has since been deleted which read: 'How I sleep knowing that I'm single and no one is cheating on me'.

Sounds fun. Please note that in July, Page Six published this great headline: "Cassie spotted flirting with someone other than Diddy".

Hip-hop artist Sean Combs, popularly known by his stage name P Diddy, has cancelled his Bad Boy Family Reunion tour to recover from shoulder surgery.

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